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In Hathershaw, Oldham, the determination of a Community Participation officer, combined with hard work and commitment from a group of local residents, created a set of agreements tackling everything from antisocial behaviour to local expectations of the area’s own elected members.

Five Agreements were developed: Home Sweet Home, Peace and Quiet, Green and Clean, Health Matters and Street Wise.

Maxine Moar was the Oldman MBC Community Participation Officer responsible for getting the Neighbourhood Agreements off the ground and she pointed out the impact of the agreements on local perceptions: ‘One of the interesting things about the agreement is that residents in the area who are aware of it think we have more police and more roadsweepers. We don’t. We’ve raised their awareness.’

In recognition of Maxine’s work, following a nomination by the residents of the TNT, Oldham's Community Participation Coordinator Maxine won the Crime Fighters Wonderful Worker Award last year.

The Award was mainly thanks to the work Maxine had been developing around Neighbourhood Agreements and the groundbreaking Street Rep scheme which now has 100 residents from across the area monitoring the environment cleanliness and signs of low level crime on individuals streets.

Maxine was leter appointed Neighbourhood Agreement Co-ordinator nationally with the Home Office.


Watch video of Maxine explaining how the Neighbourhood Agreements took shape


You can see all five Neighbourhood Agreements on the Oldham council web site at

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