Welcome to North West Together We Can

North West Together We Can encourages collaborative learning, practice and research about community empowerment and engagement across the North West. NWTWC is supported by a partnership of voluntary organisations, local authorities, academics, and community groups who are working together to build support for co

mmunity empowerment and active citizenship.

We organise and support learning activities with our partners, share knowledge, commission research and investigate how best to build support for the empowerment agenda in the North West.

NWTWC is the empowerment network for this region supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government. We are also a delivery partner for the North West Regional Improvement and Efficiency Strategy.

NWTWC is grateful for the support of Discovery Learning and Stockport MBC.

Latest News 

John Denham Announces £12M Connecting Communities Fund.

Communities secretary John Denham has outlined measures to reinvigorate and connect with areas hit by the recession most acutely to ensure they are well placed to emerge stronger and more cohesive.

Some 100 areas of the country have been identified as the focus of a targeted programme, with 27 neighbourhoods across 21 local authorities to be involved in the initial phase. Each area is to draw up specific plans based on local challenges. Responses are likely to focus on three common areas: Leadership, Giving people a voice and Increased opportunities.

More details to follow.

Communities in Control: real people, real power

The Government published its Empowerment White Paper on 9th July, setting out Communities and Local Government’s (CLG) vision for the future of democracy, society and citizens.

The White Paper focuses on seven areas – all from the perspective of an individual citizen. They are: active citizens, access to information, having an influence, accountability, redress, standing for office and community control.